Pictured above is from my performance for the Performance Art Bergen Open Festival which took place in Bergen, Norway, and was called 'how to be humane/old skin'. My course's final show at Wimbledon College of Art just finished, taking place from September 3rd-10th and was called Embodied Space. My personal piece was titled Your(re) Ideal, a 24 hour durational performance where I was mummified and sat in a bathtub, all of which was streamed live via ustream and periscope which you can connect to through my twitter. You can see the separate website I made for my personal performance here.


A culmination of my work as a multimedia artist that dabbles with passion, complexity and the slightly macabre. Kindling represents the entanglement of human interaction and communication and playfulness found within those connections.

Currently I am living in Michigan and just got my Masters in Digital Theatre while living in London, UK. To see my progress, check out my course blog.