A culmination of my work as a multimedia artist that dabbles with passion, complexity and the slightly macabre. Kindling represents the entanglement of human interaction and communication and playfulness found within those connections.

Currently I am living in Michigan and got my Masters in Digital Theatre while living in London, UK. To see more about my work at uni, check out my course blog.

I am in the process of updating my website to include more of the current work I've done, so please bear with me. If you'd like to see more regular content I've been doing check out my instagram.


Pictured above is from my performance for the Performance Art Bergen Open Festival which took place in Bergen, Norway, and was called 'how to be humane/old skin'. My course's final show at Wimbledon College of Art, that took place from September 3rd-10th, 2016 and was called Embodied Space. My personal piece was titled Your(re) Ideal, a 24 hour durational performance where I was mummified and sat in a bathtub, all of which was streamed live via ustream and periscope which you can connect to through my twitter. You can see the separate website I made for my personal performance here.